Shelter Home

BOWARD : The NGO for empowerment and support structures for women primarily Rape Victims who are unable to fight with the criminals for this heinous crime.

Dr Amrita bhushan initiated to start shelter home in Sonepur [Bihar,India], besides One Acre of land for plantation scheme.

BOWARD was constituted, in November 2013, as an autonomous body . The Organization, aiming to advance the social, economic and cultural empowerment of women, is primarily concerned with policies related to the implementation of Protection of Women for building income-generation capacities and the economic and social empowerment of women. It also provides support structures such as short-stay homes and a helpline for women.

The Organization is managed by a Board of Directors led by the Directors and Secretary.

In addressing the issues of women, girl children and adolescent girls, it targets the most marginalised communities, such as households under BPL, and belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes (SC, ST), and females who are physically challenged.

Focuses is also on the reorientation of democratic, economic and social process to promote active participation of marginalised women at all levels of the decision-making processes.

To achieve its mission of empowering women, the BOWARD has set well-defined objectives which focus on the capacity building of disadvantaged women through training programmes, promoting literacy among women, research and documentation activities, and facilitating livelihood and income-generating activities through financial support, the formation of self-help groups and developing other entrepreneurship opportunities for women. The Corporation also facilitates enhancement of marketing and production-related skills among women.

The BOWARD proposes to setup safe and suitable home for rape victims and those women or girl child who is not having shelter at night... The BOWARD will arrange financial support through making members and private donations for hostel building with residential capacity of 50 beds, primary hospital, kitchen, wireless, computer lab, Udan dasta, hightech ambulance, entrace gate with security key, team of only female staff members where no male is allow to enter, vocational training centre are also planned to be established where an estimated cost is approx 2 crores.

Note: Starting in 2017.