Founder Profile

Boward Founder Amrita Bhushan

Dr Amrita Bhushan was born as Amrita Rathore on 30th October 1975 in Gaya, Bihar, the eldest child of a college Lecturer, being a noted educationist and a scholar of Political Science, Dr Neelam Singh, who also wrote numerous books. Amrita's mother died when she was only fourteen and soon thereafter, she moved to Kerala, where she lived till her Intermediate. Later on went to Delhi for her Fashion Designing course and then to Bihar for her Higher studies. She is an MBA in Human Resource and a PhD in Public Administration. Since her college she pursued her passion for public service and kept on contributing to the betterment of the downtrodden at every opportune moment.

Though a banker by profession, Amrita started her professional career at 22, the year she got married to Ananjay Bhushan, an art collector.

Amrita was influenced by faminest movements from the very begining and .......

In 2012, following the Delhi Nirbhaya’s Gangrape on Dec 16th 2012, Amrita joined Delhi Mass meetings and rallies. While she was traveling from Delhi to Patna, in news papers there were no changes in the frequency of rape cases. In fact she was shocked that number of the rapes occurred very next day of the Nirbhaya incident. She penned her anguish over the Rape on a piece of paper which was later immortalized into a Movement. Soon after getting Ananya as daughter in 2004 life took a turn as a mother of a girl child. Later she was blessed with a son Adwait Rudra Pratap.