Boward seeks to raise public opinion towards enhancement of punishment for those, convicted for rape and sexual harassment booked under various sections of Indian Penal code. It aims to create platform around issues of Gender justice, economic empowerment and equal participation in all aspects of life for women for the betterment of society, culture & country.

  • To start a shelter home in 2022.
  • To give legal assistance till victims get justice.
  • Create Livelihood for victims.
  • To induct 5 lakh members till 2022.
  • Shelter home at all district head quarters of Bihar and then nationwide till 2025.
  • To provide Mobile phones to each BPL member after 7 yrs. of membership,So that they can connect with the world directly.
  • one fund generation activity every year.
  • To make 10 lakh E-members till 2025.
  • Later the handlooms and artifacts made by inmates will be sold through "CHARKHA the weavers" for their livlihood.


BOWARD demands

  • Hang till death once rape is proved.
  • Protracted trial should not continue with least harrassment to the victim. The case should culminate into conviction of the accused. In most cases victim is the sole witness of the commission of rape on her, as she is only source of evidence.
  • The punishment for sexual harassment should be minimum 10 yrs. as rigorous imprisonment.

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